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Aug 30, 2011

This episode of Beyond Divorce with Susan Pease Gadoua, Discusses the challenge and rewards of co-parenting post divorce.

How co-parenting goes post divorce depends to a large degree on how it was during the marriage: if it was difficult, it may be more difficult post divorce, and if it was good, it may be better. Often, the parenting dynamics are exaggerated so, even though the amount of contact with your ex is less, the intensity of the contact may be greater.

Challenges to overcome include being fearful that the other parent has less regard for the health and safety or your child, disapproving or your ex's parenting style, feeling a sense of competition with your ex and using your children as pawns.

In divorce, there are often feelings of anger, sadness and hurt - co-parenting is no exception. It's important to get adequate emotional support as well as co-parenting education. Learning effective communication styles can be crucial in having a better working experience.