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Jul 9, 2019


On this episode of Being Single, Steve and Toni  are back after a short hiatus as Steve goes on vacation and deals with his computer meltdown. Join the fun as we catch up and  update our listeners on Toni's latest trip to the D as well as  the fun and guests we have planned this summer! Show topics include:


  • Lets talk the Game of Love

  • Steve gives us recap of his vacation to Captiva Island. Did he do the walk of shame after a night of dancing?

  • How many pairs of sunglasses does a person really need? 

  • Texting and dating etiquette? What happens if he doesn't respond?

  • He texted...or NOT.  

  • How men and women deal with "the look" from across the room.

  • Say YES! to flirting

  • Lets talk about Toni's tattoo. Steve wants to know are you supposed to read or make love?

  • Toni is back in the "D" and she teaches Steve how to roll the dice.

  • Steve learns something new about Toni

  • Are you a dating chameleon? 

  • What are your boundaries for change in a relationship

  • Are you the same dater that you were a year ago?

  • Steve has an epiphany!

  • Toni tries to get Steve to see that fish swim away.

  • Father's Day vs. Mothers Day  - Who gets the better deal?

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