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Jul 10, 2019

Divorce Coach, Shelley Stile discusses the grieving process during this series.

The hardest part of a loss is learning to accept this new reality and operate within the new geography. Nonetheless, it can and must be done. Once we have achieved a sense of closure, we can move forward. In every ending there is a new beginning but first we must accept the ending.

The loss involved in a divorce is as painful as a death. In many ways it is a death of an entire way of life. But what we need to know is this: it is not so much what happens to us in life, rather it is how we handle what happens to us that is important.

In this program, Shelley coaches us through:

  • The Stages of Grieving
  • How to Overcome Your Divorce and Create a Bright Future
  • Dealing with Anger and Negative Emotions
  • The Signs of Depression after Divorce
  • Positive Parenting for the Sake of the Kids
  • And much more