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Feb 7, 2019

Your relationship, what you do with it and how you look after it should never be taken lightly.  This is especially true after discovering infidelity and when choosing the right therapist is critical.  Finding a therapist who is  knowledgeable about infidelity, who is a good fit for you and who believes in what you want to achieve through the therapeutic process is critical.  David Feder says that “ an important predictor of a positive outcome in therapy is the fit between the therapist and the client and to this end clients should interview a therapist before beginning therapy.” 

In this episode of BEYOND INFIDELITY David talks about:              

  • Why it is important to find the right therapist?
  • Asking the therapist about their experience in treating infidelity?
  • Asking whether the therapist has personal been impacted by an affair and how their experience may affect treatment?
  • Whether it is OK to ask the therapist about the model they use to treat infidelity? and
  • Asking the therapist about what they consider to be a good outcome of therapy?

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