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Aug 30, 2019

Forgiveness is a miraculous act that serves as a release valve that propels us forward into a new life after divorce. To forgive is to be truly free, to be unencumbered by the past. The problem or challenge with forgiveness is that it is very difficult and oftentimes near impossible for us to go there, especially if we are leaving an abusive relationship of some sort. How can we forgive really bad behavior? How can we forgive someone who has wronged or betrayed us?

There are two important elements of forgiveness: what it is and what it gives to us. Forgiveness is the ability to let go of blames, resentments, upsets and negative emotions we hold against a particular person. In order to achieve forgiveness, we go through a process that begins by separating the person who we are forgiving from their behavior. We do so because forgiveness does not mean that we condone someone's bad behavior. We don't.

Here is the greatest gift of all: self-forgiveness. By forgiving someone else, you also forgive yourself. You can stop beating yourself up. You can see your own inner child who desperately needs your love and compassion, not your constant judgment and criticism. You can return to state of wholeness. You can have the freedom and power to create your best life possible.

Join Shelley Stile in this episode of Divorce Recovery on Divorce Source Radio and learn how forgiveness can move you towards a healthier and happier new you.