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Dec 21, 2012

Joanie Lesley & Steve are back with their final show before Christmas and the conversation picks up where it left off last week, with being single again and the journey of on-line dating.

Steve shares his experience with someone he has recently met on eHarmony and Joanie shares her personal experiences with the dating site as well.  Both of the girls are providing advice to Steve on what to look for and watch out for during this adventure.

Tis the season to be sick, and Lesley and Steve share their germ phobia and love for Pruell.  Lesley has some funny stories of how her son cleans up after school and her plans to visit family in Ohio.

From all of us at Single Again! Now What? and Divorce Source Radio, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.  While Lesley is in Ohio next week, Joanie and Steve will be back on the air with another pre new year and end of the world show.

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