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Jun 22, 2013

This edition of Single Again! Now What? begins with exciting news from Joanie. 

Steve tells of reinventing a past relationship.  He has learned to be single and his current relationship has morphed into the "friends with benefits" type, and it seems to be working for everyone.  Joanie provides tips for healing after a break-up, and together, Joanie and Steve show that living alone isn't so bad after all.  If you are going through this now and having a tough time, rest assured that you will become settled in time.

Steve decided to cold call a potential co-host who had emailed for a chance to be on the show and we introduce you to Tommy Maloney, author of 25 Tips for divorced Dads.  Tommy shares some of his wit and wisdom and turns out to be a very interesting guest.  If you're looking for ways to improve the relationship with your kids after a divorce or find it hard to get along with your stepchildren, Tommy provides some valuable advice.

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