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Nov 21, 2011

In  this Episode of "Ask Henry" with Attorney, Henry Gornbein, Henry answers questions related to visitation issues with your children during the holidays and what annulments are and how they work.

The Holidays can be an especially difficult time when you are divorcing, especially the first year. Henry discusses options of sharing time with your children.  It's always best if you can come up with a shared holiday plan with your ex because if you can't, the judge will be forced to do so.  If you can't come to an amicable agreement, Henry offers advice on how to approach your attorney as a means of bargaining for fair rights for equal parenting time.  Divorce Source Radio would advise you consider the best interest of your children first.

The second question deals with Annulments.  What are they? Is there a difference between a legal annulment and a religious annulment?  Does an annulment free you of paying spousal support and how easy is it to get one?

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