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Feb 28, 2014

In episode #13 of Being Single, Toni returns from her "Griswold Family Vacation" in Orlando, Florida.  And just like the Griswold's, Toni's vacation was filled with flaws. You have to hear this to believe it.

Other show topics include:

  • How to "get with" an Aries man
  • St. Patrick's Day in Chicago
  • Steve's gift gone wrong...

Feb 22, 2014

Episode #9 of The Anatomy of an Affair with Steve Peck and David Feder is about how couples can continue the process of rebuilding trust after an affair when they are faced with a particular challenge such as a business conference, or a business trip.  

In the example discussed, David talks about a situation where...

Feb 11, 2014

Episode #12 of Being Single with Steve Peck & Toni Morales features Toni Skyping into the show poolside from Disney's Fort Wildnerness .

Steve seems quite curious as to this whole "camping" thing.  (He's never camped his entire life).  Toni explains this this trip is "High End" and includes a 37 ft. Bounder RV....

Feb 2, 2014

This is the final episode of Being Single before Toni leaves for Florida.  Toni will be broadcasting our next show from Disney World!

Topics in this show include:

  • Loving and adopted child like your own
  • Are computer webcams spying on us?
  • Is Toni dating “The Pizza Guy”?
  • Toni and Steve talk movies including;...