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Nov 3, 2015

David Feder returns with Rebuild Your Relationship After an Affair and shares advice on getting over an affair.

David speaks to the need for full disclosure by the "affair partner" including the need for transparency in an effort to regain trust in the "hurt partner".

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Aug 10, 2015

Affair expert David Feder answers a listener question regarding whether to call the spouse of the person your partner is having an affair with on this episode of The Anatomy of An Affair on Divorce Soource Radio.

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Jun 18, 2015

Affair expert, David Feder, discusses how to rebuild trust after an affair has occured on this episode of The Anatomy of an Affair on Divorce Source Radio.

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Apr 29, 2015


This is a story of one Fathers' Rights case and how things can go horribly wrong.

Wilson is the father of two children, with whom he shares with his ex-wife. Prior to his separation and divorce, he continued to work long, hard hours as a restaurant manager, while his wife stayed home and cared for their children...

Feb 22, 2015

On this episode of The Anotomy of An Affair with David Feder we are joined with a client who has had more than one affair, as well as several one night stands. 

"Mary" has learned from her experiences and shares her story and we have the opportunity to learn from her experiences.  Mary is an example of a person who has...