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Nov 12, 2014

Welcome to Start Over Smart, our new show featuring divorce and relationship experts Nicole Baras Feuer and Francine Baras.

This new series will guide you through all aspects of divorce whether you find yourself contemplating, going through or post-divorce

Episode #1 is titled "Help! I don't Even Know Where to Begin!"   Nicole and Francine walk you through the steps you might need to take as you enter the divorce process.

Topics include:

  • How to protect your children
  • Your Divorce Process Choices - Mediation, collaborative, Litigation or Do-it-yourseelf
  • What you need to know about finances during divorce
  • The emotional toll od divorce
  • And much more.

For more programs related to divorce and life after divorce, visit: For more on Nicole and Francine and their new book 37 Things I wish I’d Known Before My Divorce visit: