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Feb 22, 2016

Journey Beyond Divorce launches its premier show introducing the best way to move from pain and chaos to a clear, calm, confident approach to divorce.  You are challenged to see your divorce transition as not only challenging and tumultuous but an opportunity. Divorce Coach and Founder of Journey Beyond Divorce, Karen McMahon invites you to consider the possibility for significant personal growth that can take place when you shift your focus off your spouse and keep it on yourself.

Journey Beyond’s 12 Step Divorce Discovery program has helped thousands of men and women navigate divorce with grace and dignity and emerge ready to create a new chapter of life. Beginning with raising your awareness to how you're wired and what triggers you, to finding that you have more options than you think, clients begin to get their heads above emotional waters. 

As you continue through the steps, JBD coaches explain that you begin to detach from your anger and hurt, step ever so slowly into forgiveness, letting go of judgement of your spouse and your circumstances. Further down the 12 step line, you begin to accept rather than resist what is, become more capable of staying in the present and ultimately let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back and embrace life’s possibilities.

In short, this introductory show outlines the steps that are guaranteed to change both your divorce experience and your life.  The tools and strategies that Journey Beyond shares will support you now as well and with any future challenges you face. 

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