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Nov 14, 2017

Now happily remarried with a three-year-old son, Kim Mishkin joins Stacy to share her powerful story about how she transitioned from an abusive marriage and built the strength to fight for her worth. In this episode, Kim and Stacy acknowledge the importance of telling your story, giving yourself time to grow on your own, and finding the balance of the key players needed to help you through your transition.


In this episode you will gain insight on:


ü  Having the courage to come forward about being abused (3:40)

ü  How to have ‘the conversation’ about moving forward (6:52)

ü  Helpful support networks and resources (8:02, 14:48)

ü  The healing process and how to find happiness again (18:54 ) 

Kim is also a co-founder of Support and Solutions (SAS) for Women. SAS provides divorce support and coaching for women who are considering, in the process of, or recovering from divorce. Since 2012, they have helped women come to terms with questions such as how to prepare for divorce in practical and emotional ways, what are the effects of divorce on children, and how to deal with life after divorce. Their mission is to provide women comprehensive support as they navigate and grow from the process of change and major-life challenges.


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