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Feb 17, 2011

Through a frank conversation about life and book, The Look of Love (, Jill Egizii tells the story of a bitter divorce which rages into full scale warfare, and how the father uses the children as ammunition.  Is the shield of a mother’s love enough to save her children?  Or is it already too late.  We explore the effects of parent alienation on the family; the children, and the targeted parent.   This is a heart wrenching interview, in which Jill Egizii shares her personal experience of being a targeted parent which ultimately caused her to lose a close and loving relationship with her children.  Jill has put her heart and soul into helping others cope through the annihilation of a formerly positive relationship with one’s children. 


Topics in this program include:

  • An explanation and awareness of Parent Alienation Syndrome
  • How to recognize the signs of being a targeted parent
  • Support systems available for the alienated parent
  • Steps parents should take if they think they are being alienated from their children
  • The personal story of an alienated parent, who details her losing battle to save the relationship she once had with her children.