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Aug 12, 2013

Now more than ever it’s time to consider a Prenuptial Agreement if you’re getting married, or a Cohabitation Agreement if you’re living together.   The prenup seems so utterly unromantic — or just plain wrong — but it's also become so right for so many these days: those keenly aware that a marriage may end up in a legal separation, divorce or death. Most prenups tackle financial issues such as real estate, division of bank accounts and potential spousal support in the case of divorce or separation.  It’s not just for the rich and famous, but for anyone that wants to protect assets. Mapping out a pre-nuptial agreement is never particularly romantic. But it can be especially tricky when children from previous relationships are involved. It’s also a good time to explore your financial values and ideals with your partner so that you better understand each others expectations. 

Our guest, lawyer Ed Winer, is one of the top ten divorce lawyers in the United States.  Mr. Winer has practiced family law for four decades and is expert in drafting, negotiating and litigating antenuptial and postnuptial agreements, addressing business valuations, complex property divisions and other business-related issues.

Mr. Winer explains the importance of the prenup and cohab agreements, and outlines the significant financial questions couples should discuss – and individuals consider – before making a commitment. Mr. Winer refers to the prenup as the engagement ring of the twenty first century.  Listen in to find out why…..we discuss: 

·         Why the prenup, cohab and postnup agreements are for everyone
·         What these financial Agreements are
·         Does it mean that you don’t trust your partner?
·         What’s in it for the person that has less financially?
·         Do these financial Agreements destroy or build a loving relationship?
·         What about the matrimonial home?
·         And much more……

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