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Apr 30, 2013

Single Again! Now What? is back!  This time Joanie and Steve are looking for answers to questions women have about men.

Joining us on the show is the author of the award winning book Seeing With The HeartWilliam Lacey is a social commentator and we discuss the development of "spiritual sight". His book also speaks about the opportunities for the personal growth and transformation during difficult times of trial and change. William provides a man’s perspective (with Steve’s help) to the most pressing questions that women wonder about men including relationships, faith and social issues. Don’t worry ladies, Joanie shared the woman’s point of view as well.

Some of the questions women have about men:

1) What are the things that turn a man off when he is just getting to know a woman on the first couple of dates?
2) How can a woman be sure there won’t be affairs in a relationship?
3) Why do men feel they need to fix everything when I simply want to be heard?
4) Why won’t men stop and ask for directions?

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Also on the show: Ever dream of being on the radio?  Here's your chance!  Lesley finds herself becoming more tied down with her company with less time for Single Again! Now What?  We're going to miss Lesley's wit and wisdom on a regular basis and we're looking for someone to fill her shoes. Listen to this show for more information on auditioning for our show.  Good luck!

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