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Jan 27, 2012

They're baaack!  Our fun-loving trio is back together to bring you another episode of fun and deep thoughts.  This time, the discussion turns to The Stress of Divorce - The Price for Peace.

Joanie Winberg, Lesley Hatfield and Steve Peck talk about the personal stress they experienced when going through their own divorces and discuss ways to make your divorce less stressful.

Stress is no laughing matter, but somehow, Joanie, Lesley and Steve find a way to laugh at themselves and share what they learned through the process of divorce.  As they say, "laughter is the best medicine," and this show is the perscription for your wellbeing.

Join Joanie, Lesley and Steve weekly for Single Again! Now What?  And if you ever have a question or show suggestion, write them at