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Mar 24, 2013

Psychic and Energy Healer Helene joins Steve Peck and shares her spiritual insight into stopping the madness during and post divorce.  Helene resides in Salem, Massachusetts and works with clients all over the world, offering guidance and support from the Angelic Realm.

As one of the nation's leading energy healers, Helene brings a unique perspective to the process of going through divorce and moving on to a healthier, new life. 

In this program, Helene teaches how your own personal energy can have an influence on a strained relationship.  Other topics in the program include:

•    How can we remain calm in spite of all that is going on around us?
•    How to deal with the legal challenges
•    Dealing with the financial aspects of divorce
•    Worrying about our children
•    How can we lower the conflict in a high conflict divorce?
•    What to do if our ex is saying hurtful and false things to friends, family and our kids?
•    How can we strengthen our personal Energy?

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