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Feb 22, 2014

Episode #9 of The Anatomy of an Affair with Steve Peck and David Feder is about how couples can continue the process of rebuilding trust after an affair when they are faced with a particular challenge such as a business conference, or a business trip.  

In the example discussed, David talks about a situation where the spouse who had an affair has to attend a 3-day business conference where the "affair" partner will be present.  Steve Peck and David Feder have an interesting and dynamic discussion about how a couple can go about planning for the conference in such a way that addresses the needs of the hurt partner and the participating partner.                                       


David Feder cites Tessa Bonhomme (former player on Canada's Women's National Hockey Team) who said, “For me it’s being a part of something bigger than yourself”.  David says Tessa Bonhomme's quote applies to relationships and in particular to rebuilding trust after a betrayal.  Listen in to learn how.

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