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Oct 6, 2010

Most people manage to get through a divorce and move on with their lives even though they may still have feelings of anger and hurt.

Then there's the individual who's anger and hurt has gotten the best of them and even though they are divorced, they feel the need to continually hurt their ex by talking down about them to others, or filing more legal motions long after the divorce and carrying their anger and hurt with them on a daily basis.  This type of personal is typically dealing with abandonment issues or a personality disorder that prevents them from moving on with their life. 

An if this personality type has children, their failing to see the damage they creating in their life  - because all they can focus on is themselves and the perceived injustice that was done to them that led to their divorce.  A healthy person realizes no one person is completely responsible for the failure in a marriage.

In today's with conversation with attorney Henry Gornbein, we'll take a look at the type of person who is unwilling to let go of past anger and through their actions, keeps their divorce alive forever.  We also provide tips on how to recognize the signs of this type of behavior and if you find yourself acting in this manner, we'll offer advice on how to turn your life around for the sake of you and your children.