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Jul 7, 2020

The psychological impact of living with a HCP crushes your self esteem often leaving you, the spouse insecure, reactive and bitter.  Dr. Gayle Reed shares how forgiveness is a healing balm for the spouse of the HCP.  She explains the traumatic impact of verbal and emotional abuse and the psychological defenses you use to manage the resulting anger, pain and confusion.  


While forgiveness seems to be for the HCP, it is actually for you, the spouse. Forgiveness is not condoning, accepting, excusing or denying the abuse.  Gayle takes us through a 4 phase process that helps you to uncover the impact of unforgiveness, examine the benefits of choosing forgiveness, begin the journey to forgive and the healing that journey invites and ultimately, how forgiveness, healing and growth is the cornerstone for finding meaning in the struggle with the HCP.


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