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Jul 5, 2014


Welcome to another episode of Being Single with Steve Peck and Toni Morales!

So straight up, this is a strange show.  Toni had been in a horrible mood the week before and even cancelled a show and lost a guest Steve had been wanting to bring on-air for a year.  Let’s just say Steve’s frustration shows through during the beginning of this show a very passive-aggressive way.

Once they get through their personal issues the show explores how some parents who remarry seem to forget about their biological children in favor of children they have with their new spouce and how damaging that can be.   John Lennon’s son Julian is used as an example.


And then the show goes totally off the rails as the conversation shifts to woman and manscaping and Steve’s aversion to hair.  (This has nothing to do with his Alopecia.) And why do men have to be so hairy and do women really like it? 

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